Privacy Policy

At Paper Writing U.S.A we never resell your personal data for any reason out there. At times, we may require to send your data to a third party in order to have it processed. Your data will be processed for the following reasons:

Important Data

In order to create an online account, we generate a unique identifier and use your email address as your username. In addition, from time to time, we are required to get in touch with you and therefore we need your name, email address, mobile number as well as other messages that you have sent through your online account. We might need to know your country for the sake of VAT. In order to be able to process your order, you may be required to upload some files which are additional materials for your websites. You need to remove any personal dat from such files. We, however, try to remove any personal iformations before passing over to our writers.

Inform You on Updates

If you subsribe to our marketing and updates from us, we sometimes use your name as well as email address to send you promotions on the services that we provide. We may also use your name as well as phone number to text you on what is new from Paper Writing U.S.A.

Other Purposes

At times we ma be feeling like giving some of our customers offers to use for future orders. In order to make sure that only the intended persons receive the coupons, we may keep their contact details. At times, we may be required to verify your documents before conducting a transaction with you. Therefore, we may need to contact you for the same purpose.

Whenever we need to look at legal disputes, we may be needed to have a look at the archive of the relevant documents. The access to such data is just restricted to the privileged employees for the purpose of supporting the legal case

How we Keep your Data Safe

Security Measures

In order to make sure that your data is kept safe, we use technical and organisational measures to achieve this. We make due deligence in ensuring that your personal data is encycripted when it is being transmitted. .

Data Retention

We just hold the data as long as it is needed. That means that we may have quite a different data retention policy on the context that we still need it.

Links for Other Websites

Our websites may contain links to third-party websites. Please note that we are not responsile for data entered into such websites.This policy applies only for Paper Writing U.S.A

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