There are specified cases when one is allowed some refund. The following are some of the reasons that can warrant someone to receive some moneyback.

a)In case you get charged twice for a particular job. The refund should take less than 24 hours to get processed.

b)In case your assignment requirements could not be meet due to technical issues with the software or hardware requirements specified, then you are guaranteed a 100% refund.

c) When the deadline for submitting your final deadline for submitting your paper expires. It due diligence is followed, and it is determined that was not handed in at the right time, then the customer has a right to a refund of up to 100%. However, if a customer is requested to avail specific documents or instructions to furnish the writer with necessary information to complete their assignment, then no full or partial refund will be given. It is therefore critical that you make sure all the required materials are provided and uploaded to facilitate good cooperation with us. However, if the fault is determined to have been committed by Paper Writing U.S.A, then the appropriate refund will be calculated and issued in good time.

d) Failure to complete revisions. In case a paper is not revised, a 20-50% refund will be issued.

e) When the paper provided to the client does not meet the client’s required quality. In that case, the paper is thoroughly scrutinized and a good refund determined.

f) In case you are not satisfied with the final paper, you can make a request for revision. Note that a claim for refund is only viable up to 10 days from the day pf your final deadline. Thereafter, a refund claim is not acted upon.

g) In case you need a refund due to plagiarism on your paper, enough proof to show the amount of plagiarism has to be indicated.

h) It is not possible to process a refund when an order is on dispute. Additional fees as well as VAT are non-refundable.

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