Literature Review

More than often, literature review is a time consuming and tiresome task. A literature review is an important discussion on all information that is currently available on certain topic, subject or some idea: a strong literature review will include high-quality books as well as jurnals, and will have an in-depth discussion as well as a critical evaluation of the main themes that the existing research has. A literature review is an important opportunity to demonstrate your academic skills as well as identify research oportunities that involve large pieces of work.

Quality-base Literature

One key element for literature review is a strong base. You need to have a list of strong sources that have good authority. In addition, ensure that the sources use a suitable time period that will help you pick high quality and clear narrative on the issue you are exploring.

Thoughtful, Clear Discussions

You need to have a clear line of argument when it comes to literature review. After your topic is set, you have to hightlight various academic opinions, compare and contrast the. Look at the very important and relevant perspectives from the list and make a decision on the ones that are meaningful to the overall academic understanding of the topic.

Analysis of Findings

After a clear line of discussion has been picked, you proceed to analysing the overall findings. The aim is to paint a picture of the current thinking on the issue that is under discussion , highlight the points which critics agree on as well as highlight the areas where differing theories appear. You also need to indicate how your work will contribute to the existing literature.

Clear, solid Structure

The literature review has to be nicely presented in order to be able to be followed through easily. If you are not sure the best way to organise your literature review, our team of professionals can help you figure that out!

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